We are PBS STEAM Foundation

PBS STEAM Foundation is an IRS 501C3 Tax exempt Non-Profit Organization targeting families of black and brown youth, in developing careers in STEAM

Our purpose is to expose and engage black and brown youth. Our mission is to engage, identify and mold black and brown youth visionaries, pioneers, and technopreneurs in STEAM. 

Our offices are located in Newark, NJ.

PBS STEAM will be conducting workshop courses, events and providing mentorship to the future innovators. 

  • Series of events: KHEM Fest, Wakanda Ball, The Future is Black STEAM Expo 
  • Six -week workshop courses will be conducted, focusing on Animation, Video Gaming, Comics and Coding to develop youth in skill and comprehension. 
  • Monthly events such as college field trips and the Khem Fest will expose black and brown youth to STEAM opportunities, build networks and provide a new perspective of career possibilities. 
  • Weekly mentorship will be provided to guide black and brown youth, to overcome their adversities in achieving goals academically, emotionally,  mentally and socially.


● Animation

● Gaming Development Seminar

● 3D Printing

● Slime Making 

● Robotics

● Technology Exhibits 

  (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality) 

● Student Showcase

WHY you should support

  • Support a great cause and continues to raise awareness about STEM careers. 
  • Providing the needs for inner city youths to pursue a higher education in the areas of science & technological fields.
  • This space is a necessary outlet in an area with very few opportunities for teens, college students, and adults to interact, and your support of this event will allow it to be enjoyed by thousands.

We explore the various STEM careers in

 Animation, Film and Gaming industry. 

  •  Documentary Film Crew Member
  •  Stunt Coordinator
  •  Movie & Stage Makeup Artist
  •  Visual Effects Technician
  •  3D Motion Tracker
  •  Game Designer

Find out about upcoming events and join us for the next one.

 Our Festival is called Khem which means (Black or Blackness).  The word is derived from Ancient Egyptian times and it’s land also known as Khemet  means “black land”.  Stories were written on the walls of Khemet in hieroglyphs thousands of years before modern comics were printed.  The original hieroglyphics is a stylized picture of an object representing a word, syllable, and sound.

KHEM FEST is an annual festival & celebration of Black Animation, Gaming and Comic Book Creators founded by comic book creator and educator Naseed Gifted in 2015. The goal of the festival is to use comic books, animation, games and popular culture arts to develop youth literacy and expression through S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).


Khem Animation Film Festival (KAFF) a new addition to the annual Khem Fest to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding creative talent we have within Animation, VFX and Gaming industries. 

The KAFF MISSION is to promote public awareness of animation and the opportunities for minorities within the profession. The KAFF is an independent event putting together an international competition of talented filmmakers and groundbreaking stories, from traditional hand drawing to the new century techniques of design.

“Our festival is a diverse networking event for professionals and enthusiasts to inspire, cultivate and honor black creators and their contributions as it relates to Popular Arts & Media..”